Why hire the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb; a domestic violence law firm

April 18th, 2018


It is not the wish of law to encourage any mischief, but to protect life and safeguard property and Law office of Joyce Holcomb in San Bernardino makes sure the latter is adhered to by representing you. It is for this reason, the law has allowed for the signing of prenuptial agreements not to encourage divorce, but to provide a provision for someone to leave marriage in case it becomes unbearable in the eyes of the law.

The unity of marriage was intended to be celebrated and enjoyed for a lifetime and no one thinks about divorce while getting married. However, this has not been the case as spouses who were once lovebirds tend to part.

In that situation, how would you insure yourself and protect your property? You can do this by signing a prenuptial agreement before marriage with the help of family lawyers from Law office of Joyce Holcomb in San Bernardino. This agreement establishes financial and property rights of each spouse in case there is a divorce.


Domestic Violence

This was once a topic that was kept in the family and rarely did its victim report the incidents. However, with much enlightenment, advocacy for human rights, and media coverage, people today are seeking out legal help at early stages to avoid adverse effects as a result of domestic violence.

Whether you are a woman or man experiencing domestic violence, the Law office of Joyce Holcomb in San Bernardino is ready to advise and represent you in any legal matter relating to domestic violence.

It is important to understand that domestic violence cases can result in criminal and civil proceeding. In civil cases, we help you get a restraining order, divorce, lost wages, medical expenses, punitive, pain and suffering damages.

Do not suffer alone, let the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb in San Bernardino come to your aid and help you understand what rights are at your disposal in case in domestic violence.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Help You Understand Your Rights

March 14th, 2018

Motorcycle accidents are pretty common these days due to the rise in the number of vehicles plying on roads. Motorcycle accidents involve one or more two two-wheeled means of transport. Such road mishaps can lead to minor or major injuries, depending on the nature of an accident.

People usually seek the help of their insurance companies to cover the expenses on damages. The best option, however, would be to call for a competent motorcycle accident lawyer in such cases. A legal representative would know the implications of a motorcycle accident. He would ensure that you get the amount of compensation that you deserve to get.

While you are looking for a specialized motorcycle accidents attorney, you must check the following pointers in reference to John D. Whittington, PC.

Credentials: Qualifications of a lawyer define him the best. They help in getting a fair idea of how much he is talented. That is why it is imperative that you check the educational certifications of a lawyer before employing him.

Experience: Years of experience make a lawyer capable enough to deal with complex cases. An experienced attorney has strong associations with the court personnel and is likely to be informed of latest legal updates.

Valid license: You must check with your local bar association whether your lawyer holds an official license to bring up cases in your area. This will ensure that you are not dealing with any deceitful lawyer.


John D. Whittington, PC is an expert personal injury law firm in Manassas

Domestic violence

March 1st, 2018

Domestic violence refers to behaviors that involve violence or other forms of abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting. It is brought about by someone close to you like a partner having power and control over you. This may be in a marriage setting or cohabitation. Unfortunately, this behaviors are prevalent and affect many in the society today.

Domestic violence takes various forms. These include;

· Physical abuse

This is whereby someone hurts you physically or threatens to hurt you or a loved one.

· Emotional abuse

This is whereby someone chips away at your self-esteem, independence as well as self-worth.

· Social abuse

It is constituted by someone insulting you, isolating you from your family and friends or controlling where you go and what you do.

· Spiritual abuse

It involves someone preventing you from having your own opinions especially on cultural beliefs and religion. It is also constituted by someone trying to manipulate your spirituality in a bid to make you feel powerless.

· Economic abuse

When someone controls your finances and makes you completely dependent on them financially, it is a form of domestic violence.

Both men and women are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence can escalate from threats to violent actions which affect your well-being. As such, it is paramount that you seek help promptly in cases of domestic violence seems to be setting in in your relationship.

Lavinsky Law is a family law firm located in Los Angeles, California. They provide legal counsel to those residing in Los Angeles County. In the course of our practice, they have helped out many individuals dealing with domestic violence. They help individuals return to healthy family lives through ensuring the protection of their rights in addition to obtaining favorable outcomes through litigation and mediation.




Dependency Law

February 21st, 2018

Among the different categories of the law, only one addresses the problems that involve individuals in a family. The Law of Dependency covers all the problems that greatly affect the family and the members of the community. Especially in today's society, the advancement of technology and the developments of the world have not only brought progress but have also accelerated the lives of people. This rapidly changing world has also caused many challenges and stress for people; which caused many problems in one's relationships with others. When you face these problems, it would be much more useful to hire a long-term care lawyer. The Dependency lawyers cover almost all court cases that focus on family matters. As in any other aspect of life, hiring Land Legal Group does not guarantee that you will obtain favorable decisions or results. It is always important that you can choose a Land Legal Group who is knowledgeable and has excellent experience in dealing with the legal issues of your particular family. People in Los Angeles also have the same concerns when it comes to finding a good lawyer specialized in Dependencies. Those who need a Dependency lawyer in Los Angeles will discover that this can be a daunting task if you have no idea who to choose, Land Legal Group, family law firm in Los Angeles is there to help.

Antion McGee Law Group, PLLC

January 30th, 2018

One of the most noticeably bad things to transpire is to be determined to have a destructive infection. This is particularly valid if the ailment you have contracted is the consequence of something you were presented to in the working environment, at school or even in your own particular home. For a long time, it has been realized that expansive measurements of asbestos clean are dangerous to your wellbeing. Many Americans were presented to asbestos amid the previous 30+ years while working in such enterprises as shipbuilding, development, and industrial facility work. Indeed, even school kids were coincidentally uncovered in the classroom and a few homes were built with protection containing asbestos You may be one of these individuals and now have Mesothelioma or another lung illness. If in this way, it is the ideal opportunity for you to look for the assistance of an asbestos exposure lawyer.


Abestos lawyers from Antion McGee Law Group, PLLC in Morgantown that work in asbestos-related infections have been prepared in the greater part of the legislative directions managing wellbeing and security

Divorce Lawyers

October 10th, 2017

Famliy lawyers can help ease the pain of your family cases. No one is expecting to get a divorce and nor do people wish to. Having to go through a divorce is hard enough, Lavinsky Law is here to help make your time easier. Hiring a divorce lawyer is one of the hardest things you might have to do in your life. Hopefully you won't have to, but if you do calling Lavinksy Law can really help you. Divorce cases in Los Angeles are ones where you and your spouse no longer wish to be married. Family law isn't limited to divorce lawyers, but they happen to be the most common cases. Lavinksy Law knows all the ways of famliy law. They can help you in your child support cases, child custody cases, and even spousal support cases. They are there to make your life as easy as possible and not have the situation to be as stressful as it can be. 

Tips to Consider in Getting a Bankruptcy Lawyer

July 21st, 2017

A Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC bankruptcy lawyer assists a person in one of his most painful experiences in life, surviving bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is declared when a person can no longer pay all his debts, or a number of his debts is greater than that of his assets. It is painful because it is hard to admit before the whole world that one is going broke.

A bankruptcy lawyer performs many roles and function. One, he will help a person understand the legal intricacies of the nature of a bankruptcy proceeding. Two, he will give advice in order to help a person make correct decisions. Three and perhaps the most important, a bankruptcy lawyer will be a friend to be there while a person is down and confuse resulting from the stress of undergoing bankruptcy.

Before getting a bankruptcy lawyer, decide first whether there is the need to avail bankruptcy. It may be wise to consider the following before declaring bankruptcy:

1. Emotional readiness since for some, it is a shameful experience
2. Willingness to remain on record such bad credit rating
3. Physical stress of consolidating records to prove financial standing
4. Readiness to part most of the personal belongings

the next step is to get a bankruptcy lawyer. This lawyer can make life easy when it seems hard for a person going through bankruptcy proceedings. Considering the importance of the role of a bankruptcy lawyer, he must be chosen with care.

There are ways to look for a bankruptcy lawyer in Seattle. The easiest way is to look for them on the internet. It is not surprising to find that there are so many of these legal firms offering their services to various legal problems, one of which is bankruptcy. A visit to their websites will reveal that these firms offer a wide variety of gimmicks in order to get clients. For example, some have a free consultation service online. Their website is bombarded with executive looking lawyers and numerous articles showing their competence in a wide variety of legal problems. Finally, these websites are full of text on qualifications of lawyers and advice on some important problems to give the impression of expertise.

Despite the enticing advertisement on the internet, it is premature to call them and ask for their services. The prospective client has more things to consider than merely being enticed by the website.

Tips To Help You Find The Right Contract Litigation Lawyers Los Angeles

June 19th, 2017

When people are being charged with the crime, they imagine that it’s a best idea to represent themselves and to save some money by not hiring the proper contract litigation lawyer so as to represent them. The reality is that you can end up using even lot money or more disadvantaging yourself by using a similar route. It’s important to know that the trial can be the very long and also complex procedure and you need the help of an experienced litigation lawyer who is on your side to assist you in every step you move as according to Law Offices of Steven J. Horn. They not only ensure that all paperwork being is filled out and being filed correctly but they can give you the legal advice at every stage of a trial process. There is true that there are many of these lawyer, it is just the matter of searching out the right one. Here are the useful tips to help you find the right contract litigation lawyers Los Angeles.

• Speak to family and friends
You do not know who has used the contract litigation lawyers in the past, by asking family and the friends for the suggestions so that you may be in a position to find the right one been recommended.

• Search online
In the internet, many of the lawyers choose to publicize their services online. By looking through the profile of the contract litigation lawyers before you meet with them can tell you much about the one you are thinking of to hire.

• Ask about experience
You are required to hire the contract litigation lawyers who have been practicing this service for a where, the more he is experienced, the better he will be in a position to represent you. You can also find that the experienced lawyer has been dealing with the case like yours in the past, giving them experience which can make or break your case.

• Take your time
You are required not hire the first contract litigation lawyers who you have spoken to. As the first meeting is usually free, you need to try and meet with either two or three before jump in making the decision.

• Be honest
If you need your contract litigation lawyers to assist you, you are required to ensure that you tell them everything about the case you have. If you don’t do this, your lawyer will be not in a position to assist like they could do.




When You Need an Employment Lawyer in Westlake Village

April 16th, 2017

Sometimes people find themselves in a difficult situation with an employer. There are many different reasons this might be so, and many of them could be cause for legal action. The only way to know for sure is to talk to an employment lawyer in Westlake Village which can be easy if you look for a law firm like Van Etten Sipprelle LLP.

Among the reasons an employee in Westlake Village might need to engage a lawyer are different kinds of discrimination including on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or cultural practices; contract disputes; disability and workman’s compensation claims; sexual harassment or a hostile workplace; whistleblowing; overtime; commissions; tips; vacation pay; or issues with rest and meal breaks.

Most employers make an effort to comply with the law, but employment law is complicated and there are plenty of times that a company is out of compliance unintentionally. As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. What this means to you is that you shouldn’t just trust that your employer is doing everything right. If you suspect you might have a legal claim, you should pursue that feeling.

Your first stop should be to talk to your human resources department. Tell them you feel that you are being treated illegally and clearly describe your complaint. They should be receptive and able to provide you with the actual law in question (whether or not they’re on the right side of it) or promise you that an investigation will be made.

You may choose to talk to an attorney at this time as well, which will provide you with a neutral third-party interpretation of the situation. Thoroughly document your situation, keeping a list of relevant dates, times, and occurrences and any emails or other documents which support your claim. Then, if you aren’t satisfied with the response from your human resources department, you can move forward with legal action.

Discrimination complaints are common. In order to have a claim, you must be able to show direct evidence of discrimination. For example, a certain job might have a requirement that the employee must be able to access the upper shelves of a warehouse. A wheelchair-bound person who applies for this job and isn’t hired hasn’t been discriminated against because the job qualifications were clearly stated up front. However, an employee who is constantly passed over as project leader, despite being as well-qualified as those chosen, and who is also subject to taunts about his race might have a claim.

This is why it’s so important to have a lawyer look at the situation for you. There are likely to be subtleties which only an experienced attorney can evaluate. He or she will also be able to ask you pertinent questions which will draw a clearer picture of the circumstances and elucidate whether or not anything illegal has gone on.

An employment lawyer in Westlake Village can help you to evaluate all kinds of situations in which you might be entitled to a legal settlement. Consulting with one is worthwhile if you have even the slightest feeling that you are not being treated according to the law at your job.

Understanding The Fox & Fox Law Corporation Auto Accident Attorneys

July 27th, 2016

Transportation and automobile accidents encompass every type of private and public transportation. You will find that automobile crashes account for some of the most common cases here. However, exceptions involve motorcycles, bicycles, buses, semi-trucks and trains, to name a few. There are laws that apply to these categories, which may bank on federal or state law. The Fox & Fox Law Corporation auto accident attorneys have a full grasp over the various modes of insurance that apply to auto accidents.

The auto accident attorneys help you to tackle adjusters of insurance companies. They people do everything in their might to confine the right of recovery.

In addition to securing your present and future medical bills, the attorneys ensure that the other party compensates for any permanent wound that you have sustained in an accident. Recovering the money for punitive damages means to punish the convicted or guilty party for his inaction or action. A concerned lawyer builds a personal injury lawsuit, which takes care of the settlement.

The attorneys provide free legal consultation, initially. You can speak directly to an expert. The Fox & Fox Law Corporation auto accident attorneys assess every fact and ground reality of your situation. They make you aware of your rights. The law firms have a simple underlying commitment. You do not need to pay the lawyer’s fees unless the concerned attorney is successful in making a financial recovery. They make you understand that if the other party’s insurance agency contacts you, you must not provide them with any information or logistics except your basic details. You need to remember that there is no need to get coaxed or feel pressured to give them a prompt description of your injuries.

The accident lawyers are deft in handling every auto-related injury. They help in negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company. A Fox & Fox Law Corporation auto accident attorneys in Sherman Oaks decides the legitimacy of the case. With reference to a court hearing, the concerned lawyers know why and how to affirm the subjective credentials of a case. They can handle all forms in this category. Accident victims can also suffer injuries to head and brain, which might include traumatic brain injury or concussion. Even your spine and neck is vulnerable. In cases of disc bulge or whiplash, the attorneys prepare a belligerent lawsuit to provide some succor during mental distress or psychological turmoil.

The auto accident attorneys know very well that accidents can debilitate you. It is as painful as a broken home. They take every step to document the accident. It includes taking notes and photographs at the accident scene. Documentation is a pivotal aspect of any case. They ask the other drivers for insurance information and contract. They also seek witnesses who are ready to come to your aid with their names and contact numbers.