A Los Angeles Discrimination Attorney

Workplace discrimination is a serious issue that can have a negative impact on employees' careers and lives. If you believe that you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, it is important to speak with an experienced Los Angeles discrimination attorney who can help you protect your rights and seek justice.


Discrimination in the workplace can take many different forms. It can be based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or other protected characteristics. Discrimination can occur when an employer makes hiring or promotion decisions based on these characteristics, or when an employee is treated differently than others in the workplace because of them. Workplace discrimination can happen to anyone, but it happens most to minorities.


Workplace discrimination can have a profound effect on employees. It can lead to lost opportunities for advancement, lower wages, and a hostile work environment. If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. An experienced Los Angeles discrimination attorney can help you understand your rights and options under the law.


Contact Leichter Law Firm, APC an employment law firm in Los Angeles today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced workplace discrimination attorney. They can help prove that you were discriminated against and build you a strong case. Having a lawyer assist you is the best legal option you can have.


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