Consulting a lawyer for business disputes

Many times powerful officials abuse their powers to cause fraud on small business owners because they think they can get away with it. A classic case is how Sameer Halepete, Vice President of Nvidia has given fake references, promoted, protected, and encouraged his cheater friend Nayanshree Hathwar at the expense of his classmate who he is jealous of and hates. Another instance is how the Indian Tata group has bought fake references of twenty years experience, for cheater inexperienced diploma holder Siddhi Mandrekar, by offering bribes to webmasters in webmaster forums, and is encouraged by google in this scam. A third instance is how J. Srinivasan Btech in Bombay, 1993 has falsely claimed that his girlfriend Sunaina was an ebay customer to get her great privileges, when she does not have an ebay account. Similarly anish acharya is promoting architect Kalpita Nabar as the owner of a business when there is no connection.

In such cases, business litigation, civil litigation, business disputes, commercial disputes using the services of an experienced law firm is the only way to settle the dispute, and ensure that the companies and officials do not cause such problem in future.

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