Crimal Defense Of Drug Crimes

In 2011, the FBI reported 1.5 million drug related arrests in the USA. In California, it is prohibited to sell, posses, or transport drugs under both federal and state law and can easily get you into trouble. When accused of proprietorship of drugs and other drug-associated crimes, one can face changing degrees of punishments, comprising imprisonment and big fines, subject to the quantity of drugs found on you, and the intent of the possession.

Prohibited substances in California include,






LSD or acid

other club drugs

Some treatment drugs like Vicodin and Oxytocin needa prescription for legal procurement; else, one could be sued for having them.

Defenses in drug related crimes

As a defendant in a felonious case, you areentitled to legal defense to reduce the possible penalties found in statute andcase law

Medical necessity

Prescription issued by a doctor

Illegal search and seizure of drugs

Problematic lab analysis

improper police conduct

David Kestenbaum has more than 3 decades experiencein criminal prosecution and defending the accused in drug related crimes. At theKestenbaum Law Group, we are dedicated to putting a human face to every otherdefendant.


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