Domestic violence

Domestic violence refers to behaviors that involve violence or other forms of abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting. It is brought about by someone close to you like a partner having power and control over you. This may be in a marriage setting or cohabitation. Unfortunately, this behaviors are prevalent and affect many in the society today.

Domestic violence takes various forms. These include;

· Physical abuse

This is whereby someone hurts you physically or threatens to hurt you or a loved one.

· Emotional abuse

This is whereby someone chips away at your self-esteem, independence as well as self-worth.

· Social abuse

It is constituted by someone insulting you, isolating you from your family and friends or controlling where you go and what you do.

· Spiritual abuse

It involves someone preventing you from having your own opinions especially on cultural beliefs and religion. It is also constituted by someone trying to manipulate your spirituality in a bid to make you feel powerless.

· Economic abuse

When someone controls your finances and makes you completely dependent on them financially, it is a form of domestic violence.

Both men and women are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence can escalate from threats to violent actions which affect your well-being. As such, it is paramount that you seek help promptly in cases of domestic violence seems to be setting in in your relationship.

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