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What Is the Most Common Boat Accident?

The most common boat accident is a collision. This can be between two boats, or when a boat strikes an object such as a buoy, jetty, or pier. Other common causes of collisions include:

Blind spots caused by wakes (waves) from other boats and obstructions coming into contact with your boat's propellers or hull

Failure to keep a proper lookout for other vessels, especially near busy waterways where there is increased boat traffic.

Not obeying posted speed limits on the waterway


Improperly loaded boats, which can cause it to tip over

Failures to properly maintain equipment onboard, such as lights and life jackets

Boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs

What Kinds of Injuries Occur in Boat Accidents?


The injuries that can occur as a result of boat accidents vary depending on the causes and circumstances. Victims may sustain:

Bruises, broken bones, and other physical trauma from being thrown about by waves or crashing into objects

Lacerations and other wounds from being struck by hard objects such as piers, wharves, and the boat itself

Head injuries from hitting hard surfaces onboard or falling overboard

Injuries to internal organs as a result of penetrating wounds caused by objects that puncture the hull (such as poles) or crushing injuries resulting from collisions with other boats and objects

Drowning (if they fall overboard and cannot get back into the boat)


Death (when injuries are severe enough to cause death, such as when a victim goes overboard and drowns or suffers traumatic head injuries)

How Can I Avoid Being Involved in a Boat Accident?

There are several ways you can prevent accidents from occurring.

Read the Weather – Watching the weather can help you determine whether it is safe to go boating. In addition, the National Weather Service has a number of local weather stations which make weather condition alerts available online or via email.

Wear Personal Flotation Devices – This is one of the easiest ways to avoid injury in boat accidents.

Possess Adequate Safety Equipment – Unfortunately, most boat accidents happen because someone ran out of equipment or did not have it on hand when they needed it. Have sufficient life jackets for everyone aboard, as well as spare oxygen for water rescues.

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