Law office of Joyce Holcomb Will Bring Your Kids Home Where They Really Belong

In instances of Child Custody, Family law such as divorce between parents and custody battles. The court of jurisdiction for the divorce case also decides the custody agreement of the children involved. Under the basic common law and the child custody laws of San Bernarndino, Ca, both parents are warranted the equal opportunity of custody of the child if they have children together while being married.

When deciding on which parent should have custody the court strives to achieve a choice that would be best for the child.” A choice that would be in the child’s best interest would take a number of factors into consideration. Factors such as the school, group, mental and physical wellbeing of the child all play a role in the deciding process.

Family law cases can be extremely mind boggling. There are a great deal of intricate parts involved and not one issue is more vital that the other. That is why you should leave it to us at the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb to take care of everything and bring your children home where they really belong.

Through the years I have seen individuals do a considerable number of stupid things that have severely affected the outcome their case in a negative way. Don’t let that be you

Your objective all through, is to be the best, awesome and incredible parent that you can be and your children need to be. Call us now today and get your kids home where they really belong.

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