Spousal Support Lawyer in Los Angeles

Calculation of the separation maintenance From the separation of the spouse to the legal force of divorce may be a separation maintenance claim. A separation maintenance claim eg of the wife against the still-husband exists of course only if the income of the husband is higher, like that of the wife. If this is not the case then perhaps the wife has to pay the husband maintenance. Los Angeles spousal support lawyer can help with this. What is income? Income = total income from self-employment and self-employment. Whitmarsh Family Law PC are a Los Angeles family law firm


Furthermore, tax refunds are also included in income. Also, in Los Angeles any income, eg from wealth, capital income, interest, dividends, rental income, lease income, private sales transactions, license income, commission income, etc. are included in the income. If the debtor does not pursue any gainful employment, he still has an income because he • Income from property, • Letting and leasing, • Social welfare, • Unemployment benefits, • Wage replacement benefits, sickness benefits, • Pension, • Nursing benefits, etc. receives. Furthermore, the gross income must be converted into the monthly net income. From this calculated net income rates for debt repayment, insurance contributions (but not all) can be deducted.

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