Tyler Bank Levy Relief Lawyer

Back taxes are when you owe money to the IRS, as in you either pay enough in your taxes or you didn’t pay your taxes. If this case occurs the IRS will send you a note in the mail telling you, you need to pay the amount they’ve specified, it will also often have fees attached to it. If you fail to pay them, hire an attorney to challenge the letter, or just ignore the letter the IRS will take more drastic measures. If you are in Tyler, be sure to contact an attorney to be on your team.


At this time the IRS will take money from your bank account. They will get the money that you owe them on their own terms. They can take take your property and estate. Hiring a Tyler bank levy relief attorney for your case. You can also use your tax attorney to help you make installment agreements to pay off your debt. Contact the tax law firm of Scammahorn Law Firm, P.C. in Tyler, Texas. If you feel as though the IRS is taking your money.

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