Bankruptcy Law in Tucson

The trustee is appointed by the Court with the same sentence declaring the bankruptcy of the company and its main duties consist in administering bankruptcy assets , carrying out the various proceedings of the procedure , cooperating with the delegated judge in various forms or carrying out an activity preparatory, both informative and consultative, of its provisions and in carrying out the measures issued by the delegated judge. You need to have a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer.


The curator is a "unipersonal" organ because it can be made up of only one subject, being excluded in our system the possibility of appointing more editors, it is not an internal organ, that works within the procedure, but an external organ, because destined to enter for the performance of its duties in relation with third parties, rather it is the external body par excellence of the bankruptcy procedure in Arizona.


It must therefore be considered as a true auxiliary of justice. The curator, therefore, exercises a public function within the administration of justice, aimed at satisfying the creditor of the bankrupt: in view of this function, the appointment and revocation of the trustee is the exclusive competence of the Court which, among other things, exercises control over the activity to be from the same. Eric Ollason Attorney at Law is a bankrutpcy law firm in Tucson.

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