Child Custody Los Angeles Lawyer

Child custody cases need to be dealt with in the most extreme of caution. This is your family we are talking about. You want to make sure that your children and your family are taken care of. You want to be certain that the amount of time you get your child is the most amount that you can. You will need to hire a child custody lawyer Los Angeles to make sure your needs are met. Not only that your needs are met, but that your child’s interest is taken into consideration. If your child is not thought of by your Los Angeles lawyer, then you need to hire a different lawyer. You need to make sure you have a lawyer that is compassionate. One that truly wants something that will work in the best interest of your family.


It is a known fact that if both parents are fully well and able to take care of a child, and are functioning members of society that the child does benefit from spending time with both of their parents in frequent amounts.  Whitmarsh Family Law, PC are a Los Angeles based family law firm who have helped so many people with their child custody cases. They will help you get a court order saying that you get to see your child. The more often you are with your child the greater the bond is built.  

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