The Sterling Law Group specializes in trust planning

Many people work hard to accumulate assets and wish to ensure that they are properly managed so that the money and assets are not misused and wasted. They also wish to ensure that after their death, they can specify the persons or organizations like charities who will benefit from the assets. Forming a trust can greatly reduce the taxes which are paid, and ensure that specific organizations or individuals benefit from the assets which have been accumulated, for example, a Roseville person who is taking care of the person in his old age. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of a competent trust planning lawyer Roseville, who will help a person or family form the right kind of trust.


The Sterling Law Group estate planning law firm in Roseville specializes in trust planning, and has helped many families and individuals form a trust to manage the assets which they have accumulated. Depending on the kind of assets, and their value, the law firm will suggest a suitable trust structure and complete all the legal formalities involved.

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