Criminal Attorney in Washington D.C.

A criminal attorney can be your biggest asset if you have been convicted of a crime. They will have dealt with countless crimes in their day and will know exactly how to help you. You want a criminal attorney Washington D.C. that knows what is at stake for you. What the penalties are for each crime, for each amount of offenses and so on. You will need a lawyer to ensure you are getting the least amount of jail time, penalties, fees, or even to prove you are innocent. Criminal law is not something to mess with, you need to be on you’re a game, taking every precaution, and making sure that you have the best legal team behind you.


You want a law firm that knows how to help you, otherwise it will be like you are going at your case alone. Lotze Mosley LLP are a criminal law firm in Washington D.C. that know how to handle all sorts of criminal law cases. They can handle your sex crimes cases, DUI, gun crimes, drug crimes, and others. If you were accused of fraud you can give them a call and they will represent you in your case. Feel secure in your case, and you can feel that when you hire Lotze Mosley LLP.

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