A DUI Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys

It needs to be made clear before we begin that the law firm stated in this article does not condone driving while intoxicated. They do not believe that there is any reason as to why you would need to drink and drive. You are putting so many people’s lives in danger when you do this. While they do not wish anyone does drink while drunk, they are willing to help those who have been arrested for this reason. They are based out of Van Nuys but they hope that we can eliminate drunk driving all around the country.  They are in criminal law to help people make better choices to make our communities safer. Kosnett Law Firm are a criminal defense law firm in Van Nuys that will be able to help you get through your DUI case. They will help you get a less severe penalty for your DUI arrest and help you with tools to not commit this same crime again.


A DUI on your record can cause you to not get certain jobs and affect your reputation. You will want to look into getting a DUI defense lawyer Van Nuys as quickly as you. Right after you have been arrested is the best time to hire a lawyer. They can help you get your penalty to be just an alcohol education class and some community service and help you not get any jail time.

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