Wage and Hour Attorneys in Los Angeles

Los Angeles employment law firm Broslavsky & Wienman, LLP are there to help people with their employment cases. They are a law firm that believes that workers deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. They want the people of Los Angeles to feel like they are valued at their jobs and paid accordingly. There are many laws laid out in California to help protect workers from being mistreated in terms of payment. Companies try to take advantage of their workers but that’s where your Los Angeles wage and hour attorney will come in. They will know your rights and have a full understanding of the law which will better assist you in your case.


A wage and hour lawyer will get you your proper compensation that you rightfully worked for. The attorney will also help you hold your employer accountable for the illegal work practices they were partaking in. You may need an attorney if you are not being paid the federal or state minimum wage for your work, if you are not receiving payment for over or double time at work, not receiving a promised bonus, or if you were forced to work off the clock and do work without being paid for it.

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